Start with a Shape

Start with a Shape - student project

This was a very helpful activity for me. I struggle a lot with just starting. I started by prepping some paper, as suggested, and I found that by the time I finished, ideas were flowing rapidly. I started in a small watercolor sketchbook I have, and then I wanted something to work on right now, so I used index cards and kept it pretty dry. Just threw down some shapes and let them dry and then inked over them. I liked having small pieces to work on, and a variety of shapes to try to find pictures in. I made sure not to get TOO detailed with it. Definitely a helpful exercise for loosening up my drawing and not getting obsessed with fine details.

Start with a Shape - image 1 - student project

Start with a Shape - image 2 - student project

Start with a Shape - image 3 - student project

Stefanie D'Angelo
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