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Start my online vintage decor business

The Baroness vintage and craft is an extension of my personal blog/brand The Baroness. It's a play on my last name, and a nickname gifted by a dear friend. I've always had a love of treasure hunting -- searching for those diamonds in the rough from garage sales, thrift stores and the side of the road. I've amassed quite the inventory, and in order to keep marital harmony/ not turn into a hoarder/ do what I love, I've decided to start an online shop in conjunction with my blog.

I've been blogging for shelterrific since 2008, and recently started my own site after years of procrastinating. My taste is fun, funky, and eclectic; with a healthy dose of brass and danish modern goodness. Expect my shop to be filled with brass birds, plaid camp blankets, vintage thermoses, poufs and pillows and pet beds made of upcycled coffee bags and vintage fabric, funky macrame wall hangings and oh so much more!

Eventually, I see this shop extending either into a brick and mortar establishment, a vendor at craft shows, and possibly expanding to include some delicious Baroness brand foodstuffs, like jams, pickles and compotes produced from the ol' home garden (yet to be propagated). I'm also hoping to throw in some home design and event planning into the mix. Why not? THE POSSIBILITES ARE ENDLESS!

Here's my Go Mighty Life list (to be expanded upon)


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