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Start early to keep great shape, sharp mind and creative energy

My primary focus:

My morning routine will shape my personality and discipline. It will give me a great start of the day, energy I need to achieve my goals and clarity. It will help me being awesome father that my son will be proud of so he will follow my advice.

What habits will I do?

Meditation, journaling, Karate, running, learning, gratitude, measuring HRV

Monday: GTD weekly review, planning the week
Tuesday: Fists (Karate)
Wednesday: Check cognitive measures with Quantified Mind
Thursday: Kicks (Karate)
Friday: Think awesome idea for next weekend with family, check if everything is in place for this weekend
Saturday: Run >5km
Sunday: Kata (Karate)

Routine Breakdown:
5:00 am: Wake up, drink glass of water, measure HRV - 10 min
5:10 am: Eat breakfast, drink bulletproof coffee (15 min)
5:25 am: Daily focus (see above) 45 minutes
6:10 am: Shower (20 min)
6:30 am: Play Lumosity (10 min)
6:40 am: Meditate (15 min)
6:55 am: Write in journal - gratitude (3 things from yesterday), ideas (at least 10) - 15 min
7:10 am: Take a break, let the mind go (20 min)
7:30 am: Write down if anything came up, then read a book (25 min)
5:55 am: GTD daily review (to do list and top priorities)
8:00 am: Go to work and listen to some podcast in train, write in journal if anything interesting

Bedtime focus:
No screens after 10:30 pm
Make a list of top 1, 2 or max 3 priorities for next day, make last journal entry
Meditate for 10 minutes in sitting position right before going to bed
Go to bed before midnight


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