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Start each day with ACV and a green juice

I signed up for this class because I found the idea that you could design your behaviour an inherently interesting one. It continually bugs me that I know intellectually what I should (or shouldn't) be doing, yet there is a gap between what I know, and what I do. So I was interested to know just how we can design a habit or behaviour.

My most consistent good habit is meditating daily. I know now why it has been so consistent - I have experienced the benefits of it (reward) and so it is now a non-negotible habit. The benefits for me were so profound I decided to become a meditation teacher.

My habit personality type is strong tendency in both upholder and obliger, with moderate in the other two categories.

Okay, so...

My behaviour is having a shot of raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) and a green juice each morning, first thing. I already meditate and/or exercise in the morning, so I will use this as my trigger, whichever comes second (as I often meditate and then exercise, and wouldn't drink a juice after meditating if I'm going off to exercise straight away). 

My rewards are checking in on the Lift app, and crossing off a day on a calendar (which I'm going to have to get).


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