Start Up Content Worksheet

#1. Descriptive Content

Write a one-sentence description that tells your future customers about your business or product in a way that brings value to their lives.


I help businesses connect with their users through research & design while sharing insight and knowledge with the design community.


#2. Website Content

Create a call to action for your website’s homepage.


Get a free consultation by signing up for my newsletter today.


#3. Blog Content

Create your first three blog topics. 


- Why I decided to start sharing more information about my design process and experience as a designer?

Why you need to collaborate with other creatives.

- How do you start making money as an African Creative?


#4. Email & Newsletter Content

For your newsletter, choose your audience, set your goal, pick your frequency, and what type of content you will feature in each newsletter. (Ex: Blog subscribers, grow blog views 10% a month, once a month, blog posts and YouTube videos)


- Previous/Current clients ( Audience)

- Get at least 2 New leads monthly (Target)

- Once a month (Frequency)

- Blog posts & Youtube content


#5. Social Content

Choose your target market for your social media content. Based on that target market, choose the main platform you will focus on building an audience.


- Medium to Large Businesses

- LinkedIn & Instagram