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Start Trusting people around you, it actually works!

The word "Trust" is possibly the strongest yet most fragile word in the working environment. I say this because it takes quite a lot before someone trust you and just a single lie could break that trust. I have always believed in a working environment where everyone trust each other to make progress instead of just profits.

I feel really lucky to be able to work with people I trust. I'm currently working at an events company called The Marathon Shop with my elder brother, who is the leads the organization. The word "Trust" has done us wonders over the pass few years and because of it we had many awesome marathon events, below are the links to our own events.

Many people are misunderstand the word "Trust" they take very lightly and in result, do not do what the word actually means. The reason why we are able to out perform our competitors is not the streangth of the company, but due to the streangth of the people working in the organization. There is only 6 of us working in The Marathon Shop and just by trusting each other, we were able to achieve great things.

Here is a story to tell why trust is important in a company. 

It was on a Saturday midnight, we all gathered at a park opposite AmCorp Mall petaling jaya. We were one man short because he was on vacation, our objective that night was to organized a 8.2kilometer run for ten thousand runners. Our runs were usually longer distance with less participants, so this event was supposed to be a walk in a park for us, but because of the amount of runners it was deemed a challange. We were done setting up the venue at three am in the morning and we briefed all forty volunteers regarding their task and moved out by four am. The run was schedule to start at six am and we had prepared the two water stations with the volunteers ready to serve the refreshments. An hour before the run began, the authorities came and threathend to shut us down. We presented them with all the necessary documents but they ignored them and gave us only two option, to either shut down the run or change the entire route. This was the challenging part, it normally takes a few months of planning the route for a marathon, this was because we had to prepare the road signs, man power to manage the traffic and the amount of water needed for the particular distance. So this is where Trust jumps in, we all trusted each other, we were relying on each other to make the run happen, we were not thinking about the numbers we had no time to think about profits at this point, the only thing that was going through our minds were how to solve the problem. All it took was one phone call to shut down the second water station and it was done in less then thirty minutes, it took another phone call to change the entire 8.2kilometer route to a 5.4kilometer route in less then 15minutes. There was no questions asked, we were all focusing our time and energy executing the changes. This was because we trusted each other, we did not need any explanation, we did not need to waste our time and energy to protect ourselves, we used all our energy in making the changes and protect each other from the threats outside the organization. This is what trust does, when the people in the organization turst each other, they would focus on the objective, and while doing so protect each others backs. The run was over within two hours, no one was hurt and we all felt fufilled and satisfied.

I will share my youtube video soon as I'm currently caught up with work. Stay tuned :)


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