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Adria Kaufman

Graphic Designer and Illustrator



Start Somewhere

This is my first Skillshare tutorial. I've been wanting to enhance my type skills so this class was a perfect fit. I have a lot of classes bookmarked to try and outside of skillshare I'm going to start learning how to use my wacom tablet and also I want to wrap my head around pan pastels. In other words, I have a lot I want to learn and I was feeling a weird block to starting anything because I wanted too many things at once, ha! That's where my saying came from for this project, "You've gotta start somewhere". It's a reminder to just get going but also to not be discouraged if things start out kind of rough. It's somewhere to start. I had an illustration instructor in college who always said, "You've gotta make it ugly before you can make it beautiful". I guess this is my version of that. ;)  

Thanks for the great class!



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