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Sid Shah

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Start Me Broke; I Bet I Get Rich. - Jay Z

"Hello, is Mr. Shah there?"


"Hi, my name is Carol from Empire Beauty School. You had requested information about our upcoming spring semester, and I was -"

"I'm sorry, but this must be a mistake. I have no recollection of requesting any information, but thank you for reaching out."

Wait... did I ask about beauty school?  Damn. I don't remember a thing.  Last I remember, I turned was watching The Social Network.... oh.

OK, so what had happened was:  a snow blizzard was coming my way, but I was working my spa business that same day.  I had picked this business due to my passion for serving my fellow human being.  I mean, what better way than to alleviate stress from my fellow brothers and sisters.  Lo and behold, I was throwing more pampered little girl parties than crafting a relaxing atmosphere for a high end clientele.  This party stressed the eff out of me.  I mean, if you think bridezillas are bad; you must see a momzilla throwing her baby's first mani pedi spa party.  Nothing zen about that. This spa shit is a disaster. I mean it was bad enough that Groupon and Living Social were eating at my pockets and increasing the competition.  The money wasn't the same and the work load was increasing.  Not a good prospect for my business.

I mean, I should have really been a doctor, a lawyer, a finance guy, or something a lot more lucrative.  However, I had this stupid idea that I went to college not to make a dollar, but to save the world.  My dumbass ideals will land me in the poor house. It's time to repurpose your life.  One thing is that I really don't work well for anybody else, so I needed to find other entrepreneurs who are on the same wave length as I am.  

I was all about researching every single entrepreneur that made a buck and did something positive for the world.  After the kids party,  I read this book called Start Something That Matters by the guy who made Toms Shoes.  Buy a pair of his shoes and he will donate a pair to an unfortunate child in a developing nation.  Great and inspirational book.  I thought I'd carry that jolt of inspiration and watch something else entrepreneurial.  I mean, I couldn't go out anyway.  The snow was getting heavier and heavier.  I went to Redbox and got The Social Network, went home to an empty home in fifty feet of snow and fixed a drink of E&J Brandy (yeah, I was broke).  I turned on the DVD player and as soon as the first chord hit from the opening scene of the Social Network, I started to go crazy.  I mean ballistic.  It could have been the E&J, but I knew I was NOT meant for ths stupid life.  How could it be my purpose?  I'm meant to save the damn world!  I turned off the movie, and blasted the Rick Ross Mixtape Rich Forever and affirmed to myself to find a new purpose in life.  More E&J, please.  I don't remember the rest, except waking up to that phone call about joining the Spring session of hair school. No.(Yo no shade to hair dressing at all, it's just not me.)  

This was probably one of the lower points in my life.  Luckily, I was able to come up with a deal and sell off my spa (hard as eff), but I didn't have another career lined up.  I applied to a couple of places and dabbled with creating my own skin care line, but I really didn't have enough money to risk, and the lady I was dealing with was kinda shady.  

I loved the concept of Tom's Shoes, but you know what.  I'm not gonna wear those shoes.  Jay Z wouldn't. A$AP Rocky wouldn't.  Kanye wouldn't.  The kids lining up at H&M for the Versace collab wouldn't.  Using all of the Buddhist material that I studied and practiced, I developed an idea to create a brand that fulfills these ideologies while remaining fashionable.  The clothing must be made with materials that are luxe, but enviornmentally friendly.  I found silk that doesn't harm a worm, cotton made from bamboo, dye made from vegetable oil, etc.  Harnessing this, I am endeavoring on a journey to make Qalm (pronounced Calm)  Qalm will be a crossover to higher end fashion brand that will create permeate zen and modernism in design.  Thinking bigger, this could spawn into more zen lifestyle products.  Also, a sub brand of Qalm called Alltru (Altruism) that will be a non profit fashion line that will be for the sole purpose of fund raising for causes.  Problem is. I don't have money to start this company.  What I did have is a Real Estate license.  Here goes the plan: sell a few houses and fund Qalm, and you will be saving the world in no time.  Why would I fail:  The Universe has got my back!

With this in tow, I am presenting my mnemonic device.  it's a Jay Z lyric from Watch The Throne's Who Gon Stop Me.  When I was rock bottom, this one line had my drive turn up like crazy.  Start Me Broke, I Bet I Get Rich.  There is nothing more hustler/entrepreneur/risk taker whatever than this lyric.  My depiction (not only being the mascot of Qalm) is of "Sid" the everyday Buddha (cuz we all are) going from a place of being broke and attaining wealth in the form of a nirvana like peace and some material wealth. The Throne's album artwork serves as a nice regal place for Sid to have his Nirvana haha.  The journey to your goals is not just going to be material.  Your spirit will also reap the benefits.  I am proud to tell you, the designs are starting and the manufacturing is not too far behind.  By the way, I am the agent of the month for my Real Estate office.  Not bad for a rookie!  I wish everyone luck on their endeavors and let's go save this planet!


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