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Canon 5D mkII

50mm 1.4

ISO 160


5.0 sec

I was walking back from Delores Park in San Francisco where I was hoping to get some interesting shots at night of the city from a hill top. The park shots turned out pretty bad, but I photographed this scene on the way back.

This road is really dark with almost no streetlamps, so this really stood out.

I adjusted the colour temperature in lightroom and added some clarity. I'd be interested to hear some feedback on processing to get the most out of this image.



Coney Island

Canon 5D mkII

50mm 1.4

ISO 3200


1/80 sec

This is a shot from before the class, but I'd appreciate feedback on a specific point if possible.

It was a a week after Sandy, at Coney Island in Brooklyn. The place was shut down and these were some of the only lights on. What I liked about this shot was that because of the faster shutter speed the lights aren't all flared out and distorted. However, long shutter speeds are generally needed in night photography. Are there any ways to leave the shutter open and not have strong light sources flaring out?




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