Stars and Petals

Stars and Petals - student project

 Thanks you, Liz. You made the introduction to Affinity Designer so much easier for me. I had a blast with these lessons (I'm also taking your surface design class but yet to upload projects).    

1. At first, I couldn't figure out how to make 4 circles intersect so the final form looked like a 4 petal-flower. Finally, I divided them, deleted all other shapes except one and dublicated it.

This form is so versatile! I dublicated, rotated and put forms between bigger ones. If you dublicate and rotate it again, you will get a star with eight sharp ends. I decided not to put stars on a pattern because this version reminds me of a traditional japanese fabric and it is cute as it is.(I put Liz's asset frame around a quote. Is it cheating?)  

Stars and Petals - image 1 - student project


2. Isn't everything looks better with a glitter? It seems to look even prettier with a dark background but I probably should try other colors. I used some of Liz's shapes and made stars out of 3 diamonds.  

Stars and Petals - image 2 - student projectStars and Petals - image 3 - student project