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Stars Inside Me (A friend's story simply animated)

Hello everyone!
I had a lot of fun doing this (with a lil bit of struggle along the way). I want to thank Fraser for sharing his knowledge with us, I appreciated it a lot and now I'm hunger for more, hope will be doing this again in the future!

I started the class off following step by step, in order to gain some confidence about the process (it was not my first time using AE, even though I don't use it as a daily-base software).
I realized first the simple character:


Afterwards, I went on to illustrate the second one, adding some more details:


I was quite happy with it (some things could be tweaked and improved more though) and I proceeded with importing it and animate in AE.

This is the final result:


I was inspired by a friend of mine (who's a hell of an illustrator), look him up here:
I wanted to animate that little flame floating over is head as well, but my really basic knowledge and experience didn't allow me to u.u (if someone's is willing to tell me how that could be done, just contact me!)

Well, that's all folks. Planning to do a series of these, we'll see where it goes.

Peace everyone!


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