"Starry Night"

He glistened while tirelessly mounting the sky-high ridge far away from the cold village. Steaming hands copped the sproutings of the cut down trees on the sides and softly let them go as he climbed up. Finally reached the top, acquainted by some brawling short breaths and one deep puff of chill air. The stillness in his body against the drumming heart was oddly calming to him. A budding stump was there to hug his grimy shoulders as he leaned. "I am far enough now, I think" he said to himself taking out the precious cookies he stole from his step-mother's kitchen a week ago. He took a seat on his favorite spot. Some curious ants decided to explore his bruised legs but he was too tired to shrug them off and kept looking at the consoling sky. There it was, his mother's smile, waiting for him behind the hulking clouds mopping through the night. "Mother.... Are u hungry?", he said, "I hope you are not worried because I left father. He will be fine I guess. And because I have you I will be fine too."Without fighting back his tears he continued, "I am going to find a friend tomorrow, and everything will be fine."