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Christina Durbin

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Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis is one of my favorite sci-fi shows. 

The premise is that a device called a stargate, when dialed correctly, is able to open wormholes to other galaxies. When a crew on Earth finally figures out the configuration to dial Atlantis, they walk through the stargate and are teleported to a beautiful, abanded city in the Pegasus galaxy, completely submerged underwater. The previous inhabitants, called the Ancients, faught a war against an enemy called the wraith and submerged the city in a last ditch effort to preserve their beautifully advanced empire. 

There are many worlds in the Pegasus galaxy that are trapped in certain time periods due to the wraith culling their planets. Stargate Atlantis is an awesome mix of every time period, ranging from primitive natives, to medieval days, to futuristic tech empires. The Ancients themselves were so advanced that they eventually ascended, meaning they came to exist as pure energy among the stars. The storyline is rich with adventure and discovery and I can't wait to draw it!


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