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Starbucks, The School Security Guard, The Crack Head

Hi fellow classmates! 

Here are my 3 ideas. RIght now I'm leaning towards the 2nd idea but would like to know what you guys think. Thanks!

1. I worked the closing shift at Starbucks. Each night we would have to throw away lots of the leftover unsold food. But one night as the store closed, a couple of homeless people came by to see if they could have some food. My supervisor was a very "by the books" no nonsense type of guy. A real jerk if you will. He didn't take too kind to the homeless guys so he yelled at them to go away. He then turned to me and said to throw out all the bagels, muffins, scones and sandwiches we had and also to make sure the homeless folks didn't get any. I said what was the big deal, because it was surely better to give than throw away perfectly good food. He retorted back that it was company policy and if i wanted to keep my job to do as I'm told. I looked at the homeless guys outside the window and then it hit me. Screw the policy! Better to give them food than to be a prick like this jerk...Screw this job!! So i grabbed the bag of food went outside the store and gave them the bag. My supervisor yelled, "what are you doing? Get back here, stop!" I then looked at him, untied my apron and threw it down and said, "I quit!" Gloriously I walked without the homeless guys into the sunset. 

2. It was high school and my punk rock friends and I were in the soccer field relaxing on the benches. One of them pulled out a joint and we all started to smoke, passing the joint around. 

But out of nowhere, we heard, "hey you kids, don't move!" In the distance, we saw the school security guard walking towards. We called him Pac Man because he had a reputation to eat troublemakers alive. We panicked and didn't know what to do. As he approached, we passed the joint back and forth hoping somebody would get rid of it in desperate hope. Finally the joint fell to me and I immediately dropped it. But it was still one so without thinking I threw my beanie over it. 

Then Pac Man reached us. He looked at us...we looked at the ground and pretended he wasn't there. Then he said, "why is there smoke coming from your beanie?" I kept looking down and pretended not to hear him. He then sat next to me on the bench and looked at me, looked at the beanie and picked it up to uncover the joint. We were all quiet. He picked up the joint, looked at it and then said, "you guys are idiots" and proceeded to smoke it. Holy crap! We were all in shock! He smoked some more and didn't say a word. We were all very quiet.  He then got up and walked away towards the other end of the soccer field. 

We looked at him with our jaws to the ground. Our eyes beamed with nerd admiration.  And from that day forward, Pac Man was the coolest security guard that ever lived. 

3. My brother and I were 14 and 15 years old. One day we snuck out of the house and went to the alley to smoke a joint. We were both smoking and chilling when out of nowhere this guy rides towards us on his bike. He said, "Hey guys what do have there?". We both looked at him nonchalantly and said, "a joint. Do you want some?" He said, "Is that all? That's cool, I have my own stuff". He then took out from his pocket a glass pipe and started to smoke. As he started smoking my brother pokes me and points to this huge machete hanging from the guys side. We looked at each other and became extremely worried. 

But then out of nowhere a cop car pulls up and officers race out and tells us to get on our knees! I drop the joint and my brother and I get on our knees. The cop comes over, picks up the joint and pushes down on our backs with his heavy foot and says, 

"you guys are too young to be smoking. Do you want to go to jail?" My brother and I look at each other and start to cry and beg him to please not to arrest us. "We learned our lessons, never again"! The cop smiles. But then another cop says, "come on Mike, we don't have time for them, we need to talk to James here. How bout it James, what are you smoking this time?" James says, "nothing, I was just chilling." 

Mike then says, "ok boys, i hope you learned your lesson. Go home". My brother and I look at each other, get up and then run! Next thing we know we arrive at this park and run in the public bathroom. As we gather our breath we hear somebody coughing and choking. We look over and there see James! He was wan bent over on the sink. He had foam coming out of his mouth and his eyes were super red. I said, "holy shit, are you ok man?". He then responded, "i ran after you ran. The rocks…the rocks, I swallowed the rocks!" We were awestruck. Then my brother said, "lets get the hell outta here!" and we both ran!


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