Star of the Sky Brainstorming








Setting: Yolun, Texas

Summary: After being discovered by Itzel and Akecheta, Xochitl is welcomed into the reservations and discovers a new life, with no memory of her celestial homeland. As she explores her new world, a meeting with a bounty hunter gives her the key to finding the origins of her existence.


Plot: Xochitl is a carefree person, but devoid of knowledge.  Later, she desires to understand who she is and where she came from.

Story: Xochitl, a carefree, ignorant person, crashes to earth.  She is discovered by Itzel and Akecheta, who take her into their reservations as one of their own.  Xochitl accepts much of what goes on around her and demands little of others, until she meets Wesley, a local colonial Texan native, and Kzuro, a bounty hunter from space.  Particularly, Kzuro 's appearance ignites in Xochitl a desire to discover the origins of her existence and finally, to return home.