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Star Wars Trilogy Posters

I really adore Olly Moss' take on the Star Wars original trilogy posters, so I thought it would be really fun to recreate them for this project. I figured the Empire Strikes Back poster would be a good start since it had the simplest shapes.


My first step was to outline Boba Fett's silhouette to use as a clipping mask.


I then started creating the layers inside, starting with the black and working my way up to the lightest orange at the top. The landscape was full of very subtle curves, which gave me some painstaking but much needed practice with the pen tool.


I took a break from the graphic to work on the typography at the bottom for a bit. I opted to recreate the movie title type with the pen tool, since I figure it's iconic enough that using the wrong font wouldn't look right. Initially, I was worried that it would be difficult to copy it perfectly, but the geometric shapes and 90 degree curves were actually very easy compared to the organic shapes in the landscape from the graphic. I used Univers 39 for the billing text, not the same as the original but a close substitute.

I even made a little copy of the Lucasfilm logo! I had to do some guessing since the original image was a little low res.

Just a few small details left before this poster is done!


Here's my final version with all of the small details and textures completed:

I had a lot of fun with this project and I'm really stoked that I finally learned how to use the pen tool. I may recreate the other posters from the set for more practice at a later time, but right now I'm anxious to create some original work!


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