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The above image is additional from doing 30 day character challenge here on Skillshare just recently. Was awesome to do!!! All images below were done some months ago (kinda like back to the future...whooooa!!!). So read on and thanks for visiting!!!

Hello everyone.

My name is Jason Crawford and I am a hobbyist artist. Been drawing since I was a little boy. Just love art. This course is a first for me doing it online. So here goes...hehe.

So my focus is on Star Wars fanart - and begining with Chewbecca. Awesome character!!!

First image is for 'Drawing dynamic action poses'. Just the one pose at the moment. Hope to post up some more soon. Especially as I work towards putting the character into a scene. I was wondering if chewie should have hands or fluffy mitts. Still out on that for the moment.


Next up is 'Drawing convincing facial expressions'. Had some fun doing this. And I really enjoyed Patrick's tutorial with the teeth. Thanks Patrick, loving this tutorial!!! So inspiring.


Thanks for visiting and will post again soon.

Update number two!!!

I wanted to push Chewy a little further in this pose. I started doing some inventive poses as well as looking online using references. I managed to get one pose that was hitting the mark, the lower right one. The initial struggle was trying to keep to chewy's body shape and have that translate into the pose and not look like a human body (if you know what I mean?). Hence the hola hoop looking images at bottom left.


This is the final pose for chewy (more dynamic) in a basic interior scene of a spaceship. Thinking I might add a stormtrooper or two for more tension and context to the overall image. Will hopefully upload this  soon.

As always, thanks for coming on by and visiting.



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