Star Struck

Star Struck 1st Draft

























Screenplay by Ramon Mayo




        First Draft                       August 2013






















The bedroom is mostly pink. Posters of different celebs are all over the room. Dirty clothes are lying all over floor, desk, and bed. There are also gossip mags all over the room: People, Star, US weekly. Alarm is going off and woman in bed SHANNON keeps tossing and turning not wanting to get up. She then hears the phone buzzing and she rushes to get phone.





We see a screen shot of a text message that Brandon Chase will be at a nearby mall to sign autographs. She then begins to type into her phone and we see a screen shot of her twitter feed. She has a whole list of celebs she follows. She stops at pic of BRANDON CHASE an up and coming celebrity. He is wearing a leather jacket and has a brooding half smile. Shannon sighs and picks up her pillow embracing it as if it were Brandon.




She then moves to bathroom to get ready. We hear humming and singing of pop song as she takes shower and steps in front of mirror to get ready. As she combs hair and brushes teeth she constantly looks at her phone as notifications from her Facebook timeline and Twitter feed pop up.




Shannon is over the kitchen counter in her robe. She pours sugary cereal into a bowl while holding toast in her mouth. As she eats her cereal she turns on the TV to a Morning Talk Show. She looks intently at the screen as she watches them interview BRANDON. She looks at clock and then realizes she needs to leave.






She is dressed in tight fitting designer skirt, a blouse that shows a little cleavage and heels. She looks at herself in the mirror. Turns sideways to look at herself. Turns the other way. Then looks at herself from the back. Then blows herself a kiss.






Shannon is in line with her friend Terri. It is hot. They shift their feet in the sun and change positions. Fanning themselves.


The line keeps moving. Shannon and Terri sit on curb. Shannon and Terri twirl hair. Limousine pulls up. All of the people in line start getting excited. Putting up signs. Waving their hands and screaming. Shannon and Terri jump up and down and scream too.



The limo stops. Brandon Chase steps out of the limousine accompanied by bodyguards. Fixes his jacket. Waves to the fans.









Marry me!!!!



He walks inside. Some of the ladies in the crowd rush towards him. Body guards keep them back. They continue to scream and claw after him.





Brandon Chase is standing in front of a long line of fans waiting for an autograph. One fan comes up and wants him to autograph a watermelon. Another wants him to autograph her cheek. Another wants him to autograph her son’s forehead. Brandon does it all with a big cheesy grin on his face.


Shannon and Terri are in line and they finally get to Brandon. Shannon hugs him. She then proceeds to talk a lot. Giving him compliments. She doesn’t stop talking. The bodyguards proceed to drag her off. She mouths off “I love you so much.”




Shannon and Terri hide behind hedges with backpacks. They are dressed in camo fatigues. They begin putting on war paint. They also check cameras and flashes. They look like military paparazzi.



They stand watch by the gate of a mansion. It appears to be the house of Brandon Chase. They watch as one car enters. They do not move their eyes away from the gate. After a few minutes another car exits the gate but they recognize it as a decoy. Another car drives out slowly and they recognize it to be Brandon Chase. They immediately take pictures and then hop on a pink Vespa scooter and follow his car.






Shannon and Terri follow Brandon Chase car. The car speeds up in front of them. Then car turns the corner. Shannon and Terri speed up on the scooter. They race around the corner as the car tries to dodge them.




Come on! Move this thing!




It’s a Vespa not a Ferrari! Two different Italians!


They turn the corner into an alley. The car in front of them slows down because of potholes. They slow down as well.


The car turn out of the alley and back onto the street. Shannon and Terri turn the same corner.




This is getting us nowhere. Let’s turn down this street and cut them off.


Terri turns down a street on their left. They get to the next block and turn to their left.


Shannon bites her lip




Come on…come on


They then make another left hoping to head them off and catch them by surprise. A huge SUV is heading towards them.

Both of them begin to scream.




It’s a one way street!!!


A rush of cars begins to head towards them. They dodge the cars and begin to veer off into the sidewalk. They let the Vespa crash into a sidewalk café and directly into a trash can. Trash is all over them. A banana peel is in Shannon’s hair and they both have a disappointed look on their face.






Shannon walks in groggy. She sits down at desk. Feels her face and works hard to create a smile. She files her nails. When guests come in she points to chair for them to sit down.


Teddy Fincher walks in. He is wearing a designer suit and watch and carrying a briefcase as well. Teddy stands in the door and smiles. His teeth gleam. Shannon looks at him in awe.


Teddy says he is there to see Mr. Davenport. Shannon immediately lets him know when Mr. Davenport would be in. She also offers him water. Then she offers him orange juice. She continues to offer him a mimosa. She brings out a nice chair for him and a footstool. She sets his feet on the footstool. She then offers him a sandwich. Teddy doesn’t even have a chance to refuse any of what she is offering. She basically begins to pamper him.


Shannon starts to wave her hand in a fanning motion on her neck. She asks Teddy if he is hot. He shakes his head no.


In walks LEONARD COHEN with hands in pocket. He is tall and thin and has a baseball cap on. He also wears glasses and has a white goatee. Leonard is wearing some worn jeans along with a Star Wars t shirt. A plaid button up shirt is worn over his t shirt.


Shannon does not notice Leonard walking in as she is fawning over Teddy. Leonard walks up to her triage desk and looks around searching for someone to help him. He then starts whistling as he notices Shannon staring into Teddy’s eyes. He then finally realizes she is the receptionist and clears his throat to get her attention. She doesn’t notice. So he does it this time more obnoxiously.


Shannon finally notices. She turns around.




Can I help you?




Yes I’m here to see Mr. Davenport




I’m sorry he’s not in right now. You’re going to have to try another day.




No. I’m sure I’m supposed to meet him here


Shannon scrunches her face




Well you can wait for him right here.


Shannon points to a chair and motions for him to sit down.

She then walks back over to Teddy. Asking him questions about his clothes and complimenting him on his eyes and hair.


Leonard begins to look at all the food on Teddy’s plate. He focuses in on the water. He begins to rub on his throat. Then he clears his throat.


Insert man dying in the desert scene


Shannon continues to ask Teddy if he needs anything. Teddy continues to embarrassingly smile.


Mr. DAVENPORT walks in. He is dressed in a navy suit and red tie. He has on fancy Italian shoes. Mr. Davenport has a medium build and gray hair. He wears a classic silver watch and also silver cuff links.


Mr. Davenport immediately walks up to Leonard and embraces him.


Mr. Davenport


How you been old buddy?




Doing good Gary. It’s been a long time.


Insert good times 70’s party scene


Mr. Davenport


Shannon this is a good friend of mine. You might already have heard of his name. Leonard Cohen. He’s a big time Hollywood producer. He’s finally taken a break from hangin with all those important stars to see his old college buddy.


Mr. Davenport


So Leonard I’ve got a couple of things I need to take care of before we leave the office. Can I get you anything before we leave? Any water?




Water would be just fine.


Leonard turns and looks at Shannon

incredulously. Shannon is flustered. She hurries to get Leonard some water.


Davenport then turns and looks at the man in the suit. His brow is furrowed.


Mr. Davenport


And who is this?




Hello sir. I’m Teddy Fincher. I called you on the phone the other day. I’m here to talk to you about using our vending machines in your office.


Mr. Davenport


I told you we don’t want any vending machines. There are already machines downstairs. Sometimes you guys just don’t listen do you.


Shannon’s cheeks turn red. She looks the other way.


Insert scene of bomb explosion


Shannon then takes Teddy and grabs him. She begins walking him to the door.




What about all those compliments you were giving me? Can I get your number? You got a sister?


She then shoves him out the door


She walks back to her desk and sits down. She then picks up a gossip mag. She frowns her face at it. She tosses it in the trash can.



By Ramon Mayo


SHANNON DAVIS (23F) is a young black woman from Brooklyn who is obsessed with celebrities. SHANNON goes to an autograph signing and then afterwards she stakes out his house and finds herself in a desperate car chase trying to get a picture of a celebrity she admires. The celebrity gets away.


Due to her activities the night before SHANNON arrives late for her job the next morning as a receptionist for a financial firm. She treats everyone who enters the office with poor customer service. Then TEDDY FINCHER (30M) enters wearing a nice Italian suit and carrying a leather briefcase.  SHANNON assumes that he is someone important and maybe even a celebrity so she caters to his every need. She brings him sandwiches and multiple beverages. She continues to ask how TEDDY is doing and fawns over him.


Next LEONARD KAUFFMAN (55M) walks in wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt, and jeans. She tells LEONARD to sit down. He is thirsty but SHANNON ignores him. Suddenly her boss GARY DAVENPORT (55M) walks in and embraces LEONARD. MR DAVENPORT then introduces LEONARD as a famous Hollywood producer. He then asks LEONARD how he is doing. LEONARD lets him know he is thirsty and MR DAVENPORT is shocked. He orders SHANNON to hurry and get some water for LEONARD. SHANNON is embarrassed and rushes off to get the water. MR DAVENPORT asks what TEDDY is doing here. SHANNON then learns that TEDDY is there to sell office knick knacks. She then kicks TEDDY out of the office and realizes she needs to treat everyone the same.


Me Time

Overwhelmed by all of her work and family responsibilities a single mother feels exhausted and neglected. One day she is confronted in church by the reality of self care. This leads her to schedule a time to herself in order to rest and recharge. During this time she receives a call from a friend who is in need of a ride to the airport. Will her friend's need for a lift to the airport override her need for self care?


For Lisa, a young up and coming executive coffee in the morning is a must have. Her obsession with coffee borders on addiction. There seems to be nothing that could pry her hands from her coffee cup until she notices a homeless man named Pete on her way to work and strikes a conversation. This conversation leads her to know more about Pete but also more about herself as she attempts to do something that is totally out of her comfort zone.

Star Struck

Shannon is a receptionist at a major financial firm who has an eye for celebrities. She reads all the latest tabloids to keep up with the gossip and has even stalked a few celebrities as a hobby. When a mysterious man shows up with a nice Italian suit and a briefcase she caters to his every need. When another man shows up in a baseball cap and jeans she completely ignores him. Her boss Mr. Davenport has a special meeting but it's not with the man she thinks.



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