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Chapter 1 - Stranger Challenge

It was awesome, my friend the photog and I walked through the mall as I went up to random people asking to take a picture.  

The biggest pushback from people was "what's this for or what you going to do with it?"  but I went 3 yes's, 3 no's and 1 I took with a mannequin.  

Chapter 2 - Validate

Describe how you tried to start your last business (and what held you back)?

My first project was an online clothing store for men that mixed and matched different tops and bottoms on the same page to show completed outfits.  I spent $550 to buy the domain, another $300 to design a logo, $150 for business cards design, $70 to print 500 biz cards (~400 I still have), and a fun $6,000 on wasted web development.  Needless to say, I was a complete Wantprenreuer, this is when I started following Noah and Nev.

My next and most recent project was an outdoor group fitness class, I validated the idea (kinda) but putting ads on CL and received a lot of interested responses.  So I bulit a ghetto wordpress site, that took me about a week and I used a theme I already bought, I spent $7.99 on the domain and launched it and directed all the CList traffic via a clickable ad to the website.  Using no money for advertising I was getting about 10-20 visitors per day.  My main goal was to get them to sign up for a $99 membership for the full summer of unlimited classes.  My goal was 100 signups by the beginning of the summer (for a cool $10k) and No one signed up before my target date.  Why I failed....motivated by money and didn't really cover the operations or the actual classes being offered and the benefits to my audience.  Still working on this one...

Chapter 3 - How would you Validate Ebay?

To validate ebay I would ask my friends or family if they had anything they wanted to sell, then I would ask my other friends or email list if anyone wanted to buy this product and show then a few images or even the whole product.  Then once the list builds a little then they can email me with whatever they want to sell and I could manually connect them to buyers.  Until this got too big to handle and then could start building the site.  Yahtzee!

Chapter 4 - Submit an email for pre-selling an eBook 

Hey Friends,

One thing I've realized is we all want to be sexy and in great shape but it's really hard to consistantly do the work by yourself.

I wanted to share this ebook with you as my close friends.

How to Get the Sexy Ass Body You Want From Home in15 minutes a day.

This book has guarenteed fitness workouts and plans that if you complete them everyday in a few short weeks you'll start seeing sexy ass results, have more energy and feel better about yourself :-)

Send $20 to paypal address and you can be one of the first lucky few to receive this book.  

Open to all and any feedback.



P.S. You can do it! 

Chapter 5 - Find 1 person you can do FREE work for.

Buliding a website and doing marketing for one man.

Working with another man to do sales/marketing for his fitness class.


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