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Stand up for Something

Couldn't agree more on these 10 commandments after all I've had to go through with my current project, and after going through most of the great projects of the rest of the community I believe there is one commandment that preceeds all of them and even Biggie's commandments, this commandment is the foundation for the rest.

I came upon this commandment thanks to the current king of MCs and the release of his second single of his new album just at the end of last month. The first time I listened to the first lines of Eminem's - Survival, I knew this was commandment Cero.

Now Marc don't think I'm sucking up to you for putting up a picture from your book, life is about kicking ass, not kissing it.

To me this picture perfectly illustrates this commandment. It's easy to start something and immediately see the riches that will come with our brand new creation, it's good to have a grand vision, but at the beginning you have to stand up for something and focus on the process.

When you stand up for something and then put your heart and soul into your work, you build a solid foundation that enables you to amplify the nature of the 10 commandments opening the door to endless possibilities, allowing you to get people to believe what you belive, just like Simon Sinek states:  "PEOPLE DON'T BUY WHAT YOU DO, THEY BUY WHY YOU DO IT."

I've learned the hard way that you must find the reason behind it all, why are you doing what you're doing, when I began my own journey I let the hype of my own creation get to me, and boy did I have bumpy ride, but it was all worth it, and after more than 3 years I found my true WHY, and ever since I've felt that as long as I stay true to what I stand for, I will be able to overcome any obstacle.

Thansk for the commandments and also loved the book, I'm a branding junkie and this book was refreshing.



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