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John DeNapoli

Architect | Illustrator | Amateur Paleontologist



Stand By Your Brand


4. Fourth Sketch

Feels like its getting closer, but is not there yet. I think I'm done freehanding sketching ideas and will lay it out next on grid paper.


3. Third Sketch

2. Second Sketch

1. First Sketch (nay, doodle)

This phrase was inspired by a personal love of streetwear and graphic shirts and as homage to the fans who rally behind their favorite designer and brand. I hope to incorporate the logo of the shirt brand I am currently develop when i"m not slaving away 9 to 5 into the bottom and use this design to soon print on shirts and rally those supporting this creastive endevour. I pride myself on my ability to draw dinosaurs and zombies etc., but never dared to touch any lettering, so please hit me with some comments.


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