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Stan and Stella Introduction Forrest

This is going to be an animated sequence in the end. Idea is that it should feel like it could be part of something larger. I was inspired by old lion king sequenses where timon is walking around on pumba and wanted to see if I could pull off this kind of physical interaction.


Stella: Stella is a forrest creature who lives in the trees. She is playfull, easiely distracted and acts before she thinks. She is inspired on my cat who used to pounce on things and people way bigger than her without thinking twice.

Stan: Stan lives in the forrest as well but he lives in a small house. He is big and a little grumpy, but really he is just lonely. He walks along the same path every morning to the well to get water.

Scene: We're in a forest, up in the trees, it's dawn, and there is Stella. (Stella awoke early and wanted to play but the rest of her famillie was still sleeping and didn't want to wake up so she wondered of on her own.) She pushes some branches aside to look down and she sees Stan. Stan doesn't see her because she is consealed by the branches. Stan walkes passesd the tree following the path on the gound and Stella follows him threw the trees. She is really light on her feet and running and jumping on branches. Stan is walking and looks like he didn't have coffe yet this morning. And she jumps from a brench on top of him, and he is startled and looks around him bewildered and she loses her balance and holds on to his head with her hands and is flung around while he tries to figure out what is happening and and looking around and she slides in front of his face and than he sees her and stops and is suprised and than he helps her klimb back on his shoulder and they walk away.

Stella pushes branches aside and sees stan:

Top view stan walking beneat the trees:

Stella jumping from the tree:

Stella Sitting on stans shoulder:


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