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Hey Classmates, 

My name is Miles, I'm a filmmaker out of Boston MA. Watching these videos got me really excited to tell a story and shoot something. With the understanding that this will take time and is something I can't just run out and do. Frankly, this has been a part of my creative process where I've struggled. 

That being said, I wanted to get to my premise. It is going to be sort of the opposite of the class project presented in the examples. I'm going to create a character that is being stalked, by what...well that's what the visual elements are for. Living in the North East there is no shortage of places to go and locations to scout. I am very excited for this, and hope it snows in the future, as I would love to use that as a primary backdrop for this project.

I will keep this as a project log and updated. Looking forward to see what everyone else has! 


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