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Stalk Corporation - A logo for the Corn Industrial Complex


I'm writing a comic book called High Fructose Zombies. In the tale of the comic book, a candy bar turns people into zombies and it's made by the Yumzy Corporation. However, Yumzy is owned by an umbrella company(homage to Resident Evil) and their name is the Stalk Corporation.

The Stalk Corporation is an evil corporation bent on using corn in a wide swath of evil ways. I wanted to take Monsanto and make it 10x more evil.

I wanted to make it look real enough, but look slightly edgier than it would in real life. I like the idea and opportunity that I could create an animation/alternate logos that would allow me to replace the corn with DNA spirals, missles, etc.

Typography: The font choices are a modified League Gothic and Arial. I used Arial because, if you've ever seen the out takes from Helvetica, Arial is Microsoft's evil attempt to create something similar to Helvetica.

Thank you for checking it out!


Creative Brief


Stalk Corporation Identity


The Stalk Corporation was conceived by the former mortgage arbitrage and copyright lawyer as a means of aggregating corn farmers in a way to synergize their individual assets into a streamlined collective with more strength and operational utility for lobbying for a better America.


The Stalk Corporation is the umbrella company of the Yumzy Corporation and the true brains behind the operation. It made enough money collecting small farmers and then ate up the larger branded folks and now tries to run it the way Disney runs Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, etc. But they are entirely about money. All actions come in a way that is covering what is clearly a money grabbing opportunity in the sugar coating of fun and family. A corporate vampire or collector of souls, as it were.


Our goal is to invoke the strength, power, and profitability from the multilateral and multinational outreach that Stalk has developed for over 35 years.


I am looking for something that invokes a foreboding company that bleeds corn dry for money and a company that is so big the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Target Audience

Since we are not the face of most of the corporation, simply the brains behind the operation, we would like something subdued, preferably in cornflower blue.

The target audience will hopefully get a kick out of the design merging both military industrial with the leading manufacturer of high fructose corn syrup. Monsanto meets Boeing born form McDonalds.


We will feed you.

The old one:

Maximized yield productivity and quality of breed for over 30 years.


Stalk competes with other publicly traded American multinational chemical, agricultural biotechnology, and food production corporations in the world.


Umbrella Corporation - What’s genius about their logo is it looks like a target, a nazi Iron Cross and an actual umbrella all at once.
Taglines: Our business is life itself. //Umbrella has you covered.


Distinguishing Characteristics

- Stalk Corporation owns over 66.57% of the corn production in North America and the largest exporter of corn related products.

- The Stalk Corporation is a brand beyond just food production, as it has branched beyond food production with several of it’s subsidiary companies, as in Yumzy Corp with Yumzyland and it’s fast food chain, Yumzy’s Clubhouse as well as a legacy of food related children’s shows, i.e. the Hoppy Horny Show // Hopsy & Hornsy.

- No one knows the name of the CEO.

- After the Yumzyland incident and the continuous issue of no one knowing the CEO’s name, it important to find a more comforting logo


- So, here’s a good question. Did they have to do a corporate rebranding after the fall of Yumzyland? I think that they would, something that wouldn’t look as menacing as their previous brand. 

- Something to look softer than their previous branding. Friendlier than their previous, and somewhat corporate and uptight branding. More organic, but also more outreaching.

Creative Considerations

Be sure to try something with a blue brain that is made out of corn.

Try an umbrella that and the handle is corn.

Stalk owns more than just Yumzy, and they are a global brand, so it needs a globally recognized design.

Green would be preferable.

Possibly a child that people connect with.


If you can get in a tagline like “Corn is in our blood. // Corn is our blood.”

If it can convey the feeling of a villainous company, that’d be great.

It should feel sharp, like you’ll cut yourself on the logo.









McDonalds and Boeing had Monsanto’s Evil Twin.


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