Wendela Van den Akker

Stained glass designer



Stained Glass 101: cutting glass


I just created a class project and title.I just don't know where to share this. I hope this works 

My name is Wendela and I’m from the Netherlands. I make stained glass objects using the copper foil technique. I love to show you the basics of this trait.

Before we start making things, it is important to learn how to cut glass and be comfortable with it.

Normally we want glass to stay whole, so it feels unnatural to break it.

But this is exactly what we are going to do. We use a glass cutter to make scores and use our hands or pliers to break it. After this class you will not be able to just make straight lines, but you can also cut curves and circles.

Comfortable cutting glass? Then we move on to the next step.



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