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Staging icons

After I finished the icon I showed it to my little sister to see if it was obvios that it displayed a sofa. I was relieved that she did not take long to guess but she continued: '...but why do the lower cushions come out?'. 'What do you mean come out? They are in their place; it's a 2D image'. 

She was looking it from an upper perspective. I made them from a front perspective. 


Paula is friend of my mother. Paula is also paisa. In my country paisas are the ones good at business. She would disassemble evey chair, every table if that means more space in her minivan. At the house to be stage she would assemble them. Then she stages (if that's a verb...). She tries to squeeze everything (every person, tool, resource) till is dry. That is respectable but not smart when that does not let you advance; for the decade she has been in the business she has not kept inventory once. 


Fresh out of high school I was in the hunt for a project. One night at the dinner table my mother looks at my dad and without stoping herself she picks on Paula's ways. I don't say anything. Next morning I knocked at her door and told her how rudimentary she was but not to worry because I had a solution. 

We started with apple numbers (but offcourse that did not last and it was not my intention). Now I am to build an app with Filemaker. 


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