This is an awesome class! I don't remember how I found it, but I've always been obsessed with sports logos and was so thrilled to try out my own. I've used illustrator before for basic vectoring projects and I've used the image trace, but this is the most I've ever used the program. I still have some getting used to with it, but I'm sure it'll get easier as things go on. I already have a few more ideas I want to try.

I first started out by picking out a reference image. I liked the idea of using a statue, so I used this carving of a deer.


It was pretty easy to sketch and follow lines here, because the deer has such good shape to begin with. Getting the points to work well was a bit of a challenge, but I eventually figured it out. The shading/highlighting was also a little challenging because I wasn't sure where to go with it. I didn't really want to use the harsh shadows like in the reference, because I didn't want to have to shade the antlers twice. So I just did my best to match the curvature of the upside-down Nike eyebrows and ran with it. The other shading challenge was the nose. Ugh! I'm still not the biggest fan of it, but I was pretty clueless with what to do, and I do like the use of the multiple grays.

Here's the final product! Edited with all the photoshop goodness, of course.


In the end, it's not as sporty as it could be (the antlers and the way I shaded them are a lot more eclectic than athletic), but I'm happy with it. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Well worth it. I can't wait to try out a few more ideas, too. 


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