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Staff Wielder

Thumbnails -- 

Wanted to have the character interact with a staff, whether it's a thief, mage, warrior, or some random carnival man, that is yet to be refined. Had to forcibly remind myself to just blob out shapes, and not care (too much) about anatomy.

Refinement --

Finally got around to looking at these guys. The standing-on-harpoon-looking-dude's silhouette caught my eye the most, and like I said before, I really didn't have a theme. After I started playing around with details and what I felt like doing with this guy, everything else fell in place, and now I have a strange crew of tribal mask people. And I'm quite happy haha. On to the next stage :]

Variation --

I loved the spear guy and the big tank guy, so I just opted to do variations for both of them. Created a vague story in my head while doing these. 
On to the next step :]

Final -- 

Guess I'd like to say I'm done. It was a fun experience going through the process of concept art in a much more structured fashion, I'll definitely take all the things I've learned to heart in my future projects. I experimented with a different way of rendering than what I'm normally used to - really sharp chiseled colors and defined lines. I can be honest with myself that I still need a lot of practice in rendering - heck, even finding my own work flow in rendering and what style I'd like it to be done in. In the near future :]

Cheers, class. It's been awe-inspiring and amazing watching all of your projects.


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