Staff Portraits for Work

Staff Portraits for Work - student project


I almost never do work like this as I'm more of a daylight + reflector outdoorsy kind of person. This is probably the third time I've ever set up a shoot. Nevertheless, I only have two decent lights for portrait work, four if you count the speedlight and the $5 slave flash. There was also a bunch of stuff laying around in the basement that I had never used before and figured why not - get all the things out! Since it was a random assortment of lighting that wouldn't all work with a radio trigger, I switched everything to slave mode. 

Lights & Setup:

SB600 on-camera flash to trigger everything (all lights in slave mode)

2 Photoflex Starflash 300 - one with an umbrella and the other with a soft box (that's all I have)

1 silver reflector

2 400 watt (?) halogen soft boxes for side rim lighting (these are ancient and not meant to work with soft boxes)

2 200 watt (?) daylight fluorescent beauty dishes as the back light, but they weren't bright enough so...

1 $5 slave flash rigged into a soft box to brighten up the back lighting

The wall was already a sweet orange color, so no backdrop needed. These were only going to be headshots.

Staff Portraits for Work - image 1 - student project

Staff Portraits for Work - image 2 - student project

Too Much Stuff

Way too much stuff, but I'm really just messing around with everything. The results turned out not too bad I think. A little bit of variation from day to day, but only because I was always adjusting the settings. Now that I think of it, I still have more lights down in the basement that I haven't used :)

Staff Portraits for Work - image 3 - student project

Staff Portraits for Work - image 4 - student project

Anyway, a bunch of my studio setup is random bits I've picked up over the years or inherited from friends and family. Was nice to pull it all out and see what's what. Thanks for the class! Going to try and do more studio work in the future - fake it till I make it, right!?

Matt Benson
UI/UX Creative & Developer