Stacy's PoP ideas

Perspective of the students of Pencils of Promise is something that appears to be lacking in the promotion of the Pencils of Promise organization. Through story and images perspective is gained. Both of my ideas are related to perspective through story and image.

Photography. Have students who are studying photography at local (Guatemalan) universities go to Pencils of Promise schools to teach students photography. Digital cameras could be donated from Canon, Sony, Nikon or another digital camera manufacturer. The students work could have a gallery opening in New York City and/or Los Angeles as well as an ecommerce gallery on the PoP website, gallery and ecommerce sales would benefit PoP.

Documentary Film.  Invite Academy Award winning director/producers Sean Fine and Andrea Nix to make a documentary about PoP. Ticket sales will benefit PoP as will DVD sales if the film is picked up for distribution.

Double film combo. Have the documentary be filmed while students are learning photography adding context to the students photos and enhancing the story value of each photo. PoP will benefit as described above.


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