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4. TYPOGRAPHY - 9.1.13

I really like the look of Idlewild, which is currently in use. It's clean, strong but as a stand alone font I am concerned that it lacks a bit of the warmth I think is needed. To combat that, I illustrated a stand of trees based on the pattern from the mood board to soften things up.This works to pull in the nature aspect she's looking for. I like Museo for the body text - it's a good match and brings a bit more feminity into the mix. Also up for consideration is an engraved or etched font to capture that vintage aspect the client wants. Chevalier was first up but I went with Jubilee. Broader etching within the letters gives off a wooded look I like but stays feminine. I'm pairing it with Clarendon.  


3. COLOR - UPDATED 9.1.13

Dropped the tone of the gold down a couple of shades. It still gold but more of an antiqued shade so feels more earthy. Warmed up the neutral as well. 

Client is pretty set with the color palette previewed but maybe needs to be a bit more earthy?



2. MOOD BOARD - 8.30.13


Stacy is a good friend, who approached me about taking a hobby and turning it into a business

1. CREATIVE BRIEF– 8.29.13


Stacy Smith is an aspiring portrait and nature photographer based in Washington, DC. She currently has no brand identity.


To create a brand identity that will draw customers to her budding business and age well with the Stacy Smith brand as it grows.


Young to middle age professionals aged 25 -45 with families


"Sharing the joy."


Established nature and portrait photographers.


  • Willing to travel
  • Uses natural light photographer


  • Teal and Gold palette
  •  Incorporate an element of nature
  •  try logo with and without word photography
  •  try monogram or logo within a container


  • Modern vintage
  • Elegant 
  • Warm/Inviting
  • Earthy/Rustic

Would love feedback! On anything at all - color palette, the mood board, and especially the logo! 


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