Stacie's Disney Crowd-Busting Plan 10.29.2021

Stacie's Disney Crowd-Busting Plan 10.29.2021 - student project

This is my 2021 version of my real 2022 Disney World Vacation.  I did not include the Park Hopper as we never purchase this option as a family.  Due to the entertainment changes in 2021 I updated the key in the spread sheet uploaded.  There have been many changes made by Disney in 2021 where staying on property isn't a plus!  Extra Magic Hours are a thing of the past.  In the future, folks staying in moderate/lux hotels on property will now have one or two days on a given week where they will have a few extra hours.  Not daily like before.  No choice of dining plans and the prices of photo passes are increased like all things in Disney and everywhere else.  We have been gifted the Genie, which is a free interface which will 'Help' direct you around the Kingdoms/Neighborhoods or move you around so everyone is more spread out vs everyone ganging up on the newest ride.  After you pay your daily ticket rates THEN if you have not been able to ride that 'Must Do Ride' of your vacation, now Disney offers Genie Plus.  A way where you have give more of your money to our favorite Mouse so we can be placed in the once free 'Fast Pass' or now 'Lightening Lanes'!!   

Here is my question for the class/teacher.  I need all the Pixie Dust I can gather after the venting I just dished out.  Do you think the end of Nov. thru early Dec. is a slow time for Disney World?  The Wine & Food Celebrations are going on-but, it seems in the past that participation for that has been a bit lack luster in the past two years.

Also, how long did it take for you to become a travel agent?  Do you live near the Florida area or do you create magic from afar?

Thanks for the class-I did not know about the Historical Patterns and will put this information into good use!

Thank you!  Hope to see you real soon!!!