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St. Patricks Day Background & Frame

I love creating backgrounds in Photoshop using shapes. I tried to stick to mostly geometric shapes for this project to keep my idea within the scope of this assignment. I did use one shamrock shape from the custom shapes tool because I thought it would be fun to create a St. Patricks Day themed background. (Today, being the day, of course!)  I repeated the shamrock shape multiple times to create a pattern. Then, I added in some green stripes to the background for a fun optical illusion type of effect. Of course, the image didn't seem complete without a little more colour - so the first thing that came to mind that seemed appropriate and was approved by my 10 year old daughter was a few rainbows to frame out the image. (All that's missing is a pot of gold!) For the rainbows, I just used circles to create the colours (I like them slightly shaded darker than expected as it suited this image), layered them one ontop of another and  once completed a single rainbow I duplicated the whole  image a few times and transformed each rainbow to create a frame. Bam! 

I had fun with this! Now, I'm off to find my pot of gold...


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