Victoria García

Art Director



St. Johns River, Jacksonville FL


(photo courtesy of

On my way to work every morning, I cross the I-95 S bridge to cross the St. Johns River. I realized I don't know much about it, although I know it's very important to the city's identity. 

I started to wonder...

How did the city form around this river? Who were the original inhabitants? Does it have a lot of history behind it? Who were the first Europeans here? Are there laws for its protection? Is there an abundance of sea life that depends on its health? How deep does it go? Where does it begin/end? 

After doing some google-ing, I found out that the original inhabitants of the area were the Timucuas. I finally understood why so many parks and streets around the area used that word! They used to tattoo their entire bodies with sharks teeth and their principle means of transportation was the canoe. Pretty cool history behind the city that I wouldn't have ever discovered had it not been for that brief moment of questioning my surroundings. 


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