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St Vincent @ Denver Botanic Gardens


This is it. I decided to leave out the symbol because it was getting too distracting and busy. I resorting to just placing the text at the bottom. I will try to get out of my comfort zone a little more for my next project. This one was pretty safe. I may have overdone it a bit with the textures and halftones, but overall, I am pretty happy with it. I am going to send one to the venue just for fun. 

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For my project, I have chose an actual show on St. Vincent's Digital Witness Tour in Denver, CO. The venue is Denver Botanic Gardens and although I have never been there, the idea of seeing St. Vincent at this venue is really inspiring to me. Annie Clark is one of my favorite musicians and I think the contrast of her beautiful melodies over her surreal music would be perfect to take in in a botanical setting. The contrast of her melodies and instrumentation is really what draws me to her music. In a review of her album, I read a few contrasting phrases/words that were used to describe her sound pretty accurately:

  • charming/alarming
  • gorgeous/morbid
  • comforting/uncanny

I am using those words to initiate my concept, as well as the images below:

This is a watercolor portrait I did for fun and I am thinking I may use similar colors for the poster:

Initial sketches will be coming soon. I am really looking forward to this project!

::UPDATE 5/3/14::

Here are a few quick sketch Ideas. Since the show is at Denver Botanic Gardens I wanted to incorporate flowers in some way. I thought the idea of the snake would be a nice contrast to that and the first song on her album is titled "Rattlesnake". I would love to know anyones thoughts/ideas about which design works the best. I am leaning towards the top right or bottom left because Annie Clarks hair has become kind of an icon for this tour and it would be really fun to incorporate that into the poster. Any feedback is appreciated! 

UPDATE 6/19/14

Well I decided to go with the Floral hair version and I've started the flower outlines. I looked at the Denver Botanic Garden website and looked for flowers that were close to the color I am looking for and that are in season right now, just for fun. This is the outline so far.. I'm not sure where to go from here, but I am going to start coloring and see where it leads me. Any critique or feedback is appreciated!

::UPDATE 7/9/14::

I haven't had a lot of time lately to make much progress, but this is where I am so far. I am working strictly in illustrator so far. I decided to change the snake up a little bit. I added some color and I am starting to feel a little better about the overall image. I just need to add detail and figure out where the text will go. I am not great with facial features, so I'm thinking I might just leave the face blank or add text within the body. Any feedback or critique is appreciated!

UPDATE ::7/18/14::

I think I have gotten a layout I am finally happy with. She has a really strong theme going with this record, so I wanted the artwork to reflect that. I incorporated the symbol she has been using for her newest album cycle, I think I could have used it in a more clever way, but got stuck on it so, I used it more as a pattern. I don't have her actual name on there...still trying to decide if that's a mistake or not. I'm also not sure about the blank face. I am no good at facial features and never planned on making the image actually look like her, but don't know if leaving it blank is the best idea.

I am going to place the text and touch up a few details and then I'll give up. Any critique or feedback is welcome. Thanks! 


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