St. Ives Harbour

St. Ives Harbour - student project

Dear Cally,

With some inspiration from Pixabay I changed the view a bit (worked well?) but also tryed to include some waves- worked not so well?

But the whole point (for me) is learning by doing, so I'll keep on practising - following your advise to keep it simpler :)

Thank you for another great class and thereby re-boosting my joy in drawing/painting AND keeping my mind off Corona for a while.

Best wishes,St. Ives Harbour - image 1 - student projectSt. Ives Harbour - image 2 - student projectSt. Ives Harbour - image 3 - student project Hanne

PS my first time drawing with a dip pen and India ink, that was fun too, but may excuse the stiffness and number of black windows