St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine Lighthouse - student project

St. Augustine Lighthouse - image 1 - student projectThe town I live in has a state park, Anastasia State Park, but it is essentially just a beach, an inlet some, trees and campgrounds... but nothing really pops out in nature to make an interesting badge, so I decided to make a badge for the iconic lighthouse right outside of the park. I also included some osprey birds, a local predator (an stellar taco shop).


This class was fun. I have to go back and finish the last few sections since I was having issues playing the video... think it might have been the skillshare website itself.


I didn't get this exactly where I wanted it in the details. I was playing around with textures and ended up bogging down my machine to the point it was uneditable. I started flattening things which helped.. but I need to learn some more tricks to free up RAM. Anyways, thanks for the class!

Timothy Poletti
aspiring graphic designer