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Stüssy X The Hundreds

Project 1:

Two of my favorite brands since before I can remember are Stüssy and The Hundreds. I am a huge fan o Stüssy because it is a brand that pays tribute to surf culture. Personally, Shawn Stüssy is a role model of mine and his dedication and contributions to surfing and surf culture is incredible. Stüssy also features a variety of clothing options while staying true to their brand as well as having many collaborations with different companies. The Hundreds has always caught my attention because of their Los Angeles based culture and dedication to their roots. The Hundreds, like Stüssy, has a variety of premium mens streetwear as well as illustrative t-shirts all the while keeping true to their brand and famous icon "Adam Bomb". Because of these similarities I found it fitting to attempt to make a collaboration between The Hundreds and Stüssy, and as far as I know and my research has found there has yet to have been a collaboration with these brands together.

For my research I decided to focus on three different categories: Phrases, Icons, and Typography. What types of phrases are found in both brands? What icons or logos do each brand utilize? What types of typography (bold, uppercase/lowercase, script, etc.) do each brand use?

Research Stüssy:

Stussy Phrases:

1. "Stussy No^ 4"

2. "Stussy"

3. "Stussy (New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris)"

Stussy Icons:

1. SS

2. Script Logo

Stussy Typography:

1. Script

2. Bold

3. Handwritten logo

Research The Hundreds:

The Hundreds Phrases:

1. "The Hundreds"

2. "Huge"/"The Hundreds is Huge"

3. "California Culture"

4. "Band of Brothers"/"Band of Brothers, Its all relative"

5. "Los Angeles, The Hundreds"

The Hundreds Icons:

1. "Adam Bomb" (animated and silhouette)

2. "Logo" (The *Adam Bomb* Hundreds)

The Hundreds Typography:

1. Clean

2. Bold (upper and lowercase)

3. Script


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