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I choose the quote " There's a Squatch in these woods..."

I'm set to have a baby any day now and I really wanted a fun quote to put in my new little guy's room. My husband and I love watching "Finding Big foot" because its hilarious. They of course never find any real evidence but they are always convinced that there is a squatch in the woods.  My husband's dad is also a fan of making fun of the show and can't wait tell our son is old enough to take him "squatch" hunting. So I thought it was a very fitting quote.

I immediatley envsiosned something very campy.  Here is my list of words that I thought of to describe my quote.

Here is my mood board:

I wanted something very fun, childlike, and vintage. 

Here is my sketches that I've do so far. They are very rough but I feel like the main idea is there.


I attached some thumbnails and doodles that I put together for this. I also attached one of my closer to being finish sketches. This sketch took me a lot longer then expected. I normally do all my drawings seperate then put it together on the computer. However, I really wanted to try a different way of working for this project. I really hope with time and a lot more practice I'll get faster and better.

Also please excuse the crappy cell phone pics instead of scans. My scanner is close to the ground and being super preggo I'm going to avoid bending that low until its time to scan some final artwork in.


I sketcehd out another thumbnail and this one is working a lot better! The "in these" still needs a little bit of work. I really tried to focus on making script with the down stroke thicker like we learned about it. I don't think I've quite mastered it yet but its a work in progress. I also included a sketch of the squatch that is going in the trees. You can kinda see where he was at but it was too small so I'll have to add him in via illustrator.


Here is a very close to finish piece. I still am playing with textures because I really want a vintage, boy scout look.  Its gettings really close though. :D 

I also had to take a little break because this little guy was born on October 29. I can't wait to finish this for him and put it in his room. :D



Here is my final piece. I cleaned up some things and added some texture. 


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