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Squirrel Soldier


So yeah I am kind of getting started with my cintiq and also digital art in general kind of.
I have this quirky idea for a comicbook story and this would be the main protagonist.
Since I am completely selftaught and not very disciplined to this date, I wanted to enroll an art class wich had to be flexible due to my firm workschedule and also covers my other weaknesses when it comes to art. Thanks for providing, Frau Padowska :).

Yeah this would be my first entry, the rough sketch plus rough lighting part. I allready cleaned some lines and will set my further focus on the upper part of the picture, so I can learn the basics without overwhelming myself by the challenge.
I decided to go with a simple sun-caused lighting-scheme for the same reason.


So this would be my second upload. As I said I mainly worked on the upper parts, especially facial and the neck area.I allready learned so much about blending (compared to my skills before this project), but still am a bit unsure about where I should go with stricter differentiation like hard shadows or highlights.
I am pretty fond of the nose-part. I am thinking about adding a helmet to give a bit more contrast to the war and peace motive wich I was obviously aiming for (you've seen it, right? Right????)
I guess I will spend more time on this stage, but I kind of thought it would be worth the upload for now :)
Critics welcome.


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