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Squirrel Adventure - One-page comic session

It's amazing how life keeps getting in the way whenever I sign up for a session.

The focus of my comic is not a human but a squirrel. And, yes, it is a true story. I plotted out most of it in my mind rather than on paper and made this rough sketch while I was on the road. This is my first time on the computer in a week.

Story outline:

A squirrel fell down the chimney and got stuck in the firebox. He ran in circles in the days before the pest man came to get him out until he was dehydrated and exhausted. 

The pest man pulled him out and dumped him into the yard. When we went back to look at him he was gone.

The comic is chiefly from the squirrel's viewpoint. I hope he did recover enough to go home and tell his tale.

Here's the very rough draft. The drawings need much refinement so I probably won't make the session deadline but will post the final comic as soon as possible.



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