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Jennifer Hines

Illustrator and lettering artist



Squeaky Clean Soap

I decided to do soap packaging using an old wrapped soap I had lying around. I wanted to be somewhat "cheeky" and bring in colors of brown (vintage old paper), blues, and greens. I also really liked the patterned Ivory wrapper I found, so wanted to include a pattern wrapped around the soap.

Here are my brainstorm/spec and mood board images.



Based on my mood board, I printed out images and sketched components. I really love the Jello box, so I tried drawing parts of it from memory... ultimately I used elements of that in my final design.




Based on my mood board notes and drawings, I created a bunch of sketches:



Then settled on the final images, with final pencil drawings and then inked elements. I really wanted to do a hand-inked repeating pattern, so that's what's in the bottom right. Ultimately, I wanted to do an all-over pattern wrap for the soap itself, and then a sleeve for the soap information and logo.



Finally, I brought it all into Illustrator to make it vector and add colors. I had a hard time with my pattern because it was handdrawn, so therefore irregular. Next time I will either make it on the computer, or handdraw the entire sized pattern I needed. I also had a hard time with colors. I really wanted to stay with some blue or teal colors, but I like the vintage browns, reds, and golds. I never found a way to incorporate those with the blues and teals, so opted to just use a colored paper instead.

Here is the finished vector piece, and then I printed it out and mocked up my soap! I did notice that I made the back upside down for what it would be in real life, but overall the sleeve and wrap worked out nicely on my stolen piece of soap. ;o)






Stay clean folks!


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