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Square Viking


Hello! So I started with the square and my mind lept to creating an awesome viking warrior.  Squares are often strong, but not tall, so I thought it would be interesting to find a way to fit that in.  

- Brainstorming: I went for absorbing some of the pretty general viking imagery from recent pop culture, namely Vikings the tv show and Elder Scrolls.  I decided I definitely wanted the full horn helmet, armed and dangerous look.


I spent a bunch of time just trying out differnt combinations of making the strong, square, tall viking I was looking for.  I played with a few different sketches and then settled on the one I used.  I liked using a really square frame with smaller limbs and head, with the addition of a larger weapon to maintain the apperance of strength.  I tried to maintain some nice hard edges as well to keep the blockiness I was going for.



And tada!!!

I resisted the temptation to go in with more shadow and detail at this time in my digital clean up, but will definitely revisit this one.  I am really happy about the way it turned out.


Thanks Brian for the course! Really enjoyed the challenge


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