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Square Canine

Thanks for that inspiring class! It was easy to follow and helped me on the way to some new ideas and techniques.

I decided to go for the Light Value Segmenting - sort of. I found it a bit difficult to tell where the light-shade-parts stopped and the simplified-form-part began, but I think it worked for me. 


#### STEP 1: Sketch ####

I wanted to create a figure based on circles to give it some dynamic impact and decided to go for a wolf/fox/hound. Here are my first sketches:




I decided to try an inverse figure and am very pleased with the outcome.

#### STEP 2: Vectorizing circles ####

From right to left, you can see the rough steps I took. I used the sketch to position the circles, then erased all lines I didn't need anymore and filled the shape. I adjusted some lines like the tail and put the square background behind it.



#### Step 3: Correcting ####

I corrected some lines and repositioned the figure. That's the outcome:


I really like it, thanks again for that awful class!


#### Problem & Solution ####

I have a problem, though. The figure has an outline. It turned out to be the smoothest solution for the shape. However, the line with 3px tends to jut out the square:



If I shorten the path the whole shape is too short and there is a line of the square visible. I tried to erase the part. But since it's the short end of the anchor point it doesn't work. Does anyone have an idea how to get rid of the overlap?


--- Edit ---

I found the solution for my problem: I changed the line into a path with object > path > outline stroke, like done in the video. Then, I was able to reposition the overlapping parts. 

Here's the final figure:



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