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Kate Moore

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Spyglass (Triangle)

Hello there! When I started this class, I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to work with a character I've toyed with for a while. I had a dream years ago that my husband and I joined some kind of real-life Avengers, but we were kind of terrible about it (though in classic underdog movie fashion, we improved over time!). My hero name was Spyglass and I was a scout. I had electricity in my skin for some reason, which I used to power a telescope so that I could see enemies coming from very far away. I've doodled her now and again over the years, but thought it would be fun to give her an update for this class!


I decided to work with triangles, not to make her threatening, but to make her dynamic. I also wanted to bring in the idea of lightning and telescopes; I thought I could build her shape from triangles gradually increasing in size, like the rings of a telescope.


I looked at a lot of concept art for The Incredibles because I love its dynamic look and simple shapes. I also looked at classic comic book heroines. I did a handful of sketches, but in the end settled on one incorporating lots of triangles: hair, torso, hips, the angle of the arms, and the stance of her legs.


And here's the result! I think the triangles come across, particularly in silhouette, and help give a kind of unity to the character design. I'd definitely use this method again :) Thanks, Brian!


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