Spruce It App!

Spruce It App! - student project

Overview: The idea for my app comes from my job, and the day-to-day struggle with staying organized and on-top of everything that is going on. I'm an account manager, manage a ton of accounts, and am not known for organiziation. I've made excel sheets before to try to keep all the info together, but, while useful, they're not interactive. My hope is that by migrating these tactics over to app form, I can take advantage of the interactive nature of apps, and connect it with other organizational tools (mainly: calendar, push notifications, setting up email notifications if possible?). It would also be advantageous to have the functionality to take pictures and store it to the app. More on that in a minute.

Topline: Accounts and Projects

Spruce It App! - image 1 - student project

I see the homepage of the app going to two tabs: Accounts and Projects. Accounts will be color coordinated by 1) Current Client 2) Onboarding Client 3) Paused Client. Order will either be alphabetical (or if possible) in order of the accounts that require attention from most immediate to least immediate. There is a button on the bottom to add a new tab. The Projects tab will just list projects, with the most immediate projects at the top (due dates), and there's a button for new project creation below. Going into each Project item, there will be project name, due date, expected time required for completion, and a checklist of things to get done for completion. However, the main purpose of this app will be for account management, so that tab will have the most features. 

Account Management Tab: 

Spruce It App! - image 2 - student project
Zooming in on each type of client, you'll be able to click into each client profile. Existing clients and paused clients (a type of existing) will have a basic overview of the account and project at hand: Client name, status (live/not live) contact's email address, flight dates, budget, IO history, check in, new IO creation, and an edit tab to alter this info. If possible, the IO history, when clicked on, would take you to a scrolling page of uploading pictures of IO's (legal documents) for reference. the Check in box would take you to a little calendar where you can check off dates where you want to check in - the hope is that this would be stored either in your iOS calendar, or can be pushed via push notifications or emails to your phone.
New Accounts Checklist:
Spruce It App! - image 3 - student project 
For a new client, there would be an interactive checklist feature. Getting a client live requires that a ton of different factors come together, so having a checklist where boxes change color based on your answer (IO signed? y (green)/n (red)) would be great for organization, as well as a live end date for sending out notifications as that end date is approaching ("Campaign is supposed to go live in 5 days (4/29), still waiting on: login, pixel check.")
Big questions for app completion:
- Will I be able to program the app to interact with a calendar, send push notifications, or push emails with information?
-Will I be able to upload and store photos in my app?
I understand that this may be a bunch much for a first app. If that's the case, I'm going to focus my efforts primarily on the last section: Onboarding advertisers and checklist.
Thank you! Enjoying the course so far.