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Spruce Designs

Name: Anthony Restivo and Nick Bellaro

Brand Name: Spruce Designs

Slogan: "Constant Growth"

Location: Boston, MA

Our Story: Spruce represents the lifestyle of the classic, modern New Englander. We combine elements of urban and rural lifestyles creating quality products with innovative design and functionality. We are influenced by the history of New England and the outdoors lifestyle, but want to bring that together with the modern day urban style to represent the growth that has occurred over the years. The world is constantly evolving and growing and we want our products and designs to represent that cycle of growth. We don't want to remain stagnant. We want to push people to create, experiment, and learn. In order to progress and improve, there needs to be constant growth. Spruce is constant growth.

First Collection:

Our focus for the first collection of products is "Back to Basics." We wanted to launch our brand going with all the essentials of the modern day wardrobe. These pieces are all classics and staples in a man's closet. We felt that too many brands have gone away from the essentials and instead focus more on trendy prints and styles. In our eyes, that's not constant growth. Start with the basics and use innovative designs, functionality, and quality products to build a brand.

Classic Logo Tees: 100% cotton. $30

Classic Pullover Hoodie w/ reflective inks (Comes in black, spruce green, and red): 100% cotton, 10oz. $55

Classic Oxford Button up (Comes in light blue, light red, and dark grey): 100% cotton, gingham ascents on cuffs, collar and inside. $65

Oxford 5 panel, Camp Hats (Comes in tan, light blue, dark grey, light red, and gingham blue): 100% cotton, leather strapback. $35

Classic Cuff Beanie (Comes in Grey, Black, Spruce Green, and Red): 100% cotton. $20

Snowboard Decks. $275

Skateboard Decks. $80

Target Customer: Our target customer is someone between the ages of 17-28 that has an active, outdoors lifestyle and appreciates design. This customer cares about quality and understands design. They want products that look good, but can withstand a run down the slopes or a 6 hr skate session. They want to be able to explore woods and forests, but look fly as hell in the process. They want to be able to walk the cobblestone streets of Boston and look like they belong in the urban lifestyle. They want to have the combination of the classic menswear look with the modern day streetwear style. 


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