Springtime - student project

Thank you, Helen, for another awesome class!  I loved it!!  I had a little glitch when dragging the papers to their respective guide lines (the patterns were squeezing unnaturally), but I watched that part again on your video and realized that I was dragging with the transformation box instead of just clicking and dragging on the papers themselves.

I definitely still have tons and tons to learn about design, including color and coordinating patterns, Photoshop, working with text, etc.  I also don't have much experience at all with making embellishments, so for now I just made a simple shape and filled it with a pattern.  I'm sure all of that will come with education and practice, but I'm hoping that I at least got the important mechanics down here.  I think I did it all correctly... :P

Here is my project:

Springtime - image 1 - student project