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Matthias Parchettka

Character Animator and Story Artist




So here's my colored little comic. I was inspired by your sample comic, Sarah, but wanted to push it a little further. 

Choosing the color palette took quite some time because I found it quite hard to use yellow, blue and green for my hair, the sky and the grass while not making everything too colorful. I also realized it is quite a difference to see some colors in swatches in comparison to applying them to your drawing so I often had to start over again.  For the final palette I started by trying out Adobe Kuler and Paletton.com, then switched to scanning a picture I liked and sampling its colors and in the end I simply changed the sampled colours individually until I thought it looked right :) I also added a darker shade of blue for my jumper and the car simply because I felt the need for another colour to make the objects stand out from the background.


When it came to creating the flats in photoshop I had some trouble with the paint bucket tool. For some reason It did not properly fill the chosen area but left some white borders at the edge. When using the tool a second time the borders were gone but the applied color spilled over the edges which left some ugly borders. I used the same tool settings as the ones I saw in your video, Sarah - Any idea what's the matter here?




Oh, one more thing: If anybody knows a better fitting word than "posers" please let me know! In German I would have used the word "Proll" but I could not find a direct translation.  How do you call a person driving in his lowered tuning car to the gym/solarium while listening very loudly to shitty technomusic?They are all over where I'm from...

Thanks for taking a look!


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