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Pippa Shaw

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Springtime Tulips

Spring has arrived and the tulips I planted back in the autumn are looking beautiful and making me smile.  I love so many things in nature but I figured that the best inspriration is what is in season, so I got started taking photos, looking through images and making sketches for this project.

Some of the sketches I made were studies from images I'd found on the internet, so I took Bonnie's advice and didn't use these in the final design. 

This is the first time I have made a moodboard.  I knew that I wanted to have a fresh Springtime feel to my design, but I didn't want to use predictable bright pink and red tulip colours.  I did some research on Pinterest and came up with the following images that struck a chord:

The colours in the mood board really inspired me and I went back through my old photos to see if I could find anything I could use to make a colour palette from.  I found a picture I took of some pieces of cut up melon rind which had some lovely soft oranges and greens (I loved the colours at the time and I knew I had to record them - I'm so pleased I did now, I think my friends and family think I'm crazy!).  I was also looking for some teal to use and I came across a photo I took of a pile of laundry that had a wonderful colour palette (I know, I take photos of some strange things) but at the time when I saw those colours together I knew they would inspire me one day.  Here is the resulting colour palette that I made:

Next the fun began choosing and colouring motifs:

I had fun putting the pattern together (inspired by Bonnie's technique of making bouquets).  I tried it out in a few colour-ways and I came up with this bright version to start with:

but I finally settled on the darker teal background colour:

I would never have made a pattern like this if I hadn't taken Bonnie's class so I'd like to say a big thank you to her for making this possible.


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